SURE Project pan-European Workshop on Pro-Active Fire Management, Cardiff, UK, 22 November 2019

International Workshop on Vegetation Fire Management in conjunction with the UK wildfire conference 2019

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Shared knowledge case: SURE Project pan-European Workshop on Pro-Active Fire Management, Cardiff, UK, 22 November 2019


Dear participants,

the UK wildfire 2019conference with you and of course our subsequent Workshop was a huge success! We will use this platform to further collect materials and keep sharing.

Thanks for showing interest in this specific SURE project workshop on Pro-Active Fire Management. Before the workshop itself, as a pre-workshop phase, we would like to collect information on any existing tools that you know that are used in wildfire-related crisis management in the forest or civil protection sector, for this we kindly ask each one of you to fill the attach word document “Tool Collection Template” and send it back to us by the 6th of November.

The purpose of this exercise is to collect a broad variety of successfully applied tools and measures that mitigate or prevent the risk of forest-related natural hazards and effectively help to manage a crisis following a hazard event. More information of this exercise can be found in the document “Guidelines for filling the tool collection template” (see pdf attached). 

The “Tool collection template” was developed by our colleagues in the FVA –  the Forest Research Institute of Baden-Württemberg (some of them on CC on this email). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact either me or any of the persons in the cc of this email.

Also, we have the latest version of the agenda and logistic notes concerning very important information about accommodation in Cardiff. (that’s if you are booked to stay at one of the EFI Guesthouses near the Principality Stadium. All this you can find and download from the risk platform here below in the file manager

There is already some Workshop Material there that you can start reviewing also.

We look forward to your response!

Best wishes, and thank you!

the SURE Project Team

As the saying goes: 

in fire, we have 50 years of tradition unimpeded by progress: 

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