SURE Project pan-European Project on Bark Beetle and other Biotic agents

International Workshop on Bark Beetle

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Shared knowledge case: SURE Project pan-European Project on Bark Beetle and other Biotic agents


Pan-European workshop on bark beetles and other biotic agents on 2nd and 3rd of April 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The recent events that affected Europe´s forests in late 2017 and early 2018 make this working meeting even more important in terms of compiling information, knowledge, experiences, innovative approaches and lessons learned. This workshop is very timely with its aim of elaborating a “biotic risk compendium” following the crisis / risk management cycle phases: prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. Emphasis will be given to phases outside the response phase! Within the four cycle phases we will look at what operational tools exist at a forest management unit, management district and societal/policy level. The biotic workshop is the second of a series of work meetings. All workshops will follow the same outline each focusing on one of the main risk agents in European forests.
The outcome of this workshop will be the biotic risk compendium combing all phases and levels resulting in 12 individual sections. This “toolbox” for each phase and level of biotic risk management will be made freely available as an interactive, searchable on-line compendium via the European Forest Risk Facility. It will be built so that it can be further extended with new/additional information at any time.
Together with all other disturbance agents the compendium it will become comprehensive documentation linking all identified tools, operational approaches, and procedures.

The meeting also provided a platform for exchange amongst already existing and developing regional or topical network nodes in the frame of the European Forest Risk Facility.

Tags: coniferous forests, knowlegde exchange, Innovative


  • Alexander Held
  • Jakob Hörl
  • Laura Nikinmaa
  • Guido Schwichtenberg
  • Andrea Ortiz
  • Andreas Schuck


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