International Workshop on Storm Risk Management, Minsk, Belarus

Review of World Bank Forestry Project in Belarus, focus on wind risk and post storm management

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Shared knowledge case: International Workshop on Storm Risk Management, Minsk, Belarus


A follow-up and return visit to Belarus.

The EoE between Belarus-Germany-France and the Basque Country earlier in 2018  was a joint World Bank-Forest Risk Facility activity. Now, early October 2018, a return visit to Minsk and forest areas affected by the storm took place. Attached here in the file manager are the presentations, agenda, press release and a few visual impressions. Most of the material is in Russian, so interested parties would need to ask a translation tool like 

From the Forest Risk Facility side attending were: Barry Gardiner, Christoph Hartebrodt, Andreas Schuck and Alexander Held

Tags: bark beetle, knowlegde exchange, Deer, coniferous forests, Browsing, Storm, Mitigation, Resilience


  • Alexander Held


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