KoNeKKTiW project

Addressing climate change through the German Forest Risk- and Crisis Network

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Shared knowledge case: KoNeKKTiW project


KoNeKKTiW literally means: competence network climate change, crisis management and transformation in forest ecosystems. The project creates the umbrella for a so-called Community of Practice (CoP) of more than 17 partner organizations sharing information and experience about education on climate change related forest risks. It is funded by the German Forest Climate Fund and runs from 2014-2020. At the core of the project is the belief that proper risk management needs risk aware forest owners and managers. 

The main goal of the project is to build a bridge between already existing scientific knowledge and directly applicable knowledge. Practitioners often lack applicable information for climate change related risk management decisions.

The project outputs are target group oriented cost-free activities from presentations and lectures to individual risk management consulting and comprehensive online manuals. The network stretches across all ownership types and provides reliable information and references beyond usual political barriers. All activities are reviewed and conveyed by the overall network.

The idea and products of the project are based on the recognition stated in the IPCC SREX report that there is a sufficient knowledge base on risks driven by climate change, but adaption actions fall short of this knowledge.

The KoNeKKTiW project is clearly a success story based on its impact in the field. Many different stakeholder groups could be reached during the first project phase (2014 – 2018) and the feedback from practitioners has been very positive.

The project showed the urgent need for more accessible, locally and practically applicable information on risk management and climate change. However, in most cases there is no need for more information, but the need for information broken down to the local situation of practitioners. 

The project is part of a wider European initiative called the European Forest Risk Facility (run by EFI Bonn office), which has proven to be very beneficial to support the mutual goal to raise awareness of forest related risk and crisis management. It provides a platform to exchange ideas and transfer knowledge on forest disturbances, risk prevention and management and connects science, practice and policy. 

Link to the project description with further details (in German): https://www.fva-bw.de/abteilungen/konekktiw




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