Ireland: The Management of Deer in Native Woodlands

Deer Management in native woodlands

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Shared knowledge case: Ireland: The Management of Deer in Native Woodlands


The attached Information Node on Deer Management in antive woodlands in ireland was submitted by Ciaran Nugent, Irish Forest Service.

The management of deer in native woodlands has become a central issue in recent years. This is primarily due to increasing deer populations, the expansion of forest area through afforestation, introductions of new deer species and the re-distribution/
transportation of extant naturalized deer species. Native and broadleaved woodlands are particularly vulnerable to deer damage through browsing, grazing pressure, fraying and bole scoring. Conservation and wood quality objectives can be seriously compromised.
Negative ecological impacts from excessive deer pressure on woodland structure and ground vegetation community composition has negative knock-on effects on all other assemblages including invertebrates, birds, mammals and soil fauna. Conversely, a sustainable deer presence has positive ecological impacts and recreational value, especially as revenue through game management can be appreciable to woodland owners.

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