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Practical wildfire training on tactical fire and fire as a tool for fuel load reduction

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Shared knowledge case: International Training Exchange - EoE Forest


The European Forest Risk Facility initiative and its wider forest risk network has received information on fire-use courses and practical training opportunities in South Africa and the USA. We would like to share this information and facilitate attendance for interested European "fire students" and fire managers. 

A Practical Burn Boss Course. A tailor-made burning course in different fuel types. The focus is on the practical application, planning and executing of a controlled burn. Each group of participants will be able to define their special interest and the course will be adapted to the respective needs and interests.

EoE South Africa

The attached flyer (see file manager here) is describing all the details and objective of this training opportunity for European Fire Managers in South Africa. This is a certified training course (RSA-USA qualification standards).

For training and study opportunities in the USA, feel free to contact the European Forest Risk Facility.

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  • Nuria Prat-Guitart
  • Craig Hope


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