Development of Vegetation Fire Strategy for Northern Ireland

Development of a Vegetation Fire Strategy for Northern Ireland

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Shared knowledge case: Development of Vegetation Fire Strategy for Northern Ireland


In this Use Case, we would like to encourage all involved stakeholders in the process to share their contributions for the developemt of a Vegetation Fire Strategy for Northern Ireland. I start with uploading an article on Barriers to Best Practice. [comment by Jakob: the article can be found in the lower left column] Please feel invited to particpate and comment, upload your ideas and contributions. From EFI side we will soon provide also a list of infomation regarded as useful in the fire strategy process.

Jakob Hörl: Thanks Alex for creating that "use case". To my understanding, the main part of the collaborative work on that use case is this document. To keep track on who writes what, I would suggest to establish some basic "rules", such as writing your name in the beginning of your contribution or comment. A useful feature for the platform would be to track changes in different colours by users, like in other collaborative writing tools, such as googledocs.

AH: Can you find the uploaded pdf easily? is it visible? here are some links that might be useful:

here we start to establish some background information on how it is done in different contexts. Should serve as options and decision support:

We also had by now an international workshop on the strategy development:  



  • Alexander Held
  • Andreas Schuck
  • Jakob Hörl


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