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changing the system of hunting lease

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hunting and forestry objectives more than owners objectives?

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QD is a silviculture strategy to produce high quality timber in conjunction with forest biodiversity, deadwood and habitat trees

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Recommendations for firesmart policies

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A link into the global movement "fire in nature" and "FireSmart policies for the EU"

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Modellierung Hochwasserereignisse für die Schweiz in 1000 Jahren

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Practical wildfire training on tactical fire and fire as a tool for fuel load reduction

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Book publication on Challenges and Opportunities with Introduced Tree Species

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Analysis of the Camp Fire and its devastating effects

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International Workshop on Storm Risk.

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International Workshop on Bark Beetle

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Deer Management in native woodlands

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Review of World Bank Forestry Project in Belarus, focus on wind risk and post storm management

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Web Platform

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After the 2018 fire season, the Fire Service Berlin hosted a full day of wildfire training

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PDF overview presentation on good practice example: cross walk from structural to wildfire

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Overview report of a forest risk assessment mission to Georgia by two experts from the Forest Risk Facility network

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Resilience Toolbox is a web based Application for calculating the cost factor of prection measurements

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First Aerial Ignited Prescribed Fire in Europe with the R3 Raindance Incendiary System

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Fire ecology is a branch of ecology that focuses on the origins of wildland fire and it’s relationship to the environment

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